Whitchurch Dental Practice

The practice is situated in the middle of the town centre. Whilst renovating we modernised our services to help make the practice as relaxing as possible using the latest media technology.

In the waiting room we have a 40″ HD flatscreen TV with Freeview channels, BluRay and computer connection also luxurious leather sofas to relax in. We provide regularly updated modern reading material for patients who have no interest in watching the screen. Whitchurch Smiles is fully computerised.

In the dental surgery we have a ceiling mounted 28″ HD flat screen TV with access to all the freeview channels and connection to BluRay player (for watching HD nature programmes and movies). There is also a connection to the intra-oral digital camera, allowing patients the opportunity to visualise any problem areas identified by the dentist.

All rooms are equipped with ceiling mounted speakers, connected to the screens and computers. Patients can choose to listen to the TV or listen to music from our vast, eclectic music archive or if they prefer to bring in their own MP3/Audio device we can also connect it to the audio system. We also have headphones available, for patients who prefer to drown out the sound of the dental handpieces (drills).

The atmosphere within the dental practice is paramount to aiding relaxation and reducing anxiety felt by most people when they visit their dentist. This is not only achieved by the surroundings within the practice but also the demeanour of the staff.

We have set up our practice to feel like “home from home” and our staff are friendly, empathic and sympathetic to our patients needs.

When attending for long appointments involving treatment, having a screen mounted on the ceiling above your head is a great way to take your mind off the dental appointment and helps the time fly by.